Summit keynote speaker promises actionable ideas and immediate results

Jason Dorsey is this year’s keynote speaker at the annual Summit held March 1-4, 2019 in Nashville, TN

When renowned generational expert Jason Dorsey takes the stage at the BrandSource Summit for his keynote address, he’ll be asking everyone in the audience to change the way they think – just a little bit.

Dorsey’s Summit presentation, “Crossing the Generational Divide at Work and in Sales,” will address the generational differences that show up in families, in business and in life. A researcher on generational interaction, he speaks frequently on how people of different generations can get along together, how they work together more successfully and how they can learn from one another.

“What does it take to bridge these generations to get to key outcomes – new customers, driving repeat business or referrals, online advocacy,” he said, summing up his message. “How to recruit the new generation as employees, motivate them and keep them.”

He will present specific strategies that BrandSource members can take home with them and put into action immediately, and his presentation includes some audience participation as well as a handout that spells out the principles he will discuss.

For example, he will talk about the right way to write a job posting that will attract Millennial applicants and minimize employers’ biggest complaints: they start the application but don’t finish it or ghost the interview. He’ll also talk about driving employee retention, particularly in a small organization where there isn’t much room for promotion.

The goal, Dorsey said, is for every dealer in the audience to go home with a short to-do list they can go to as soon as they unpack their bags.

“The goal is for attendees to leave with so many different insights and actions, they will immediately be able to take action within a week of returning home,” Dorsey said. “Depending on what they’re selling, we’ve had people close sales on a break during the presentation.”

“Independent retail is different, but there will be actions they can use the day they return, without question,” Dorsey promised.


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