Barry Kindy tackles 101 things times infinity every day

Barry Kindy co-manages North Canton TV & Appliance (NCTVA) with his sister Laurie. NCTVA is in its 80th year with Kindy and his sister both being involved for over half that time. Besides co-managing the day-to-day operations, Kindy helps with sales, specializes in custom AV projects and even jumps on the truck when needed. “I address loose ends, find solutions to problems, praise my employees and do critiquing with a positive twist for a positive moral amongst the employees,” Kindy said. “I monitor the sales floor and yes, the restrooms also.”

Kindy says on average, he tackles “101 things times infinity every day.” The store’s seven employees help wherever they can as well. He says their biggest opportunity is for him and his staff to earn a customer’s trust when so many people hold salespeople at a distance.

“While we’re in a world of cold retailing, where people buy off the Internet or the big box stores, we offer a warm experience with service and support which can build long-term relationships with repeat sales,” Kindy said. “We are recognized as creating a very educational and positive experience when making a major purchase followed up by an exceptional installation by our installation crew. We strive for have excellent follow-through with service and support. Do we trip-up occasionally? Yes, though we strive to keep those trips to a very minimum!”

BrandSource helps us stay in touch with the industry far beyond just our market. It helps keeps us competitive, educated and makes us a player in our market,” said Kindy, the president of the North Atlantic region. “Any organization that I have been involved with, I have risen to the top. I’m a team player, I’m a cheerleader, I’m a coach… striving to make our chapter, though a small chapter, a powerful chapter. I have a strong passion in leading the members to be successful.”

Kindy believes that members should get and stay involved. “You learn more about the industry and how it can affect your business than what you can learn inside your four walls of just your business,” he said. “I haven’t met a member in our chapter yet that didn’t say they didn’t learn more by getting involved. Your additional industry knowledge can be conveyed to your customer letting them know you know what’s going on in the industry. People like to do business with successful people… Do you want to be considered successful?”  

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