AVB Leadership Team Geared Up for a Successful 2019

Left to Right, AVB Inc Leadership: Michael Posa, Kevin Werner, Tom Bennett, Brian Wattier and Jarred Roy

The AVB leadership team met last week for a “meeting of the minds” in Minneapolis, MN. The gathering of the senior leadership team, along with the heads of each divisional business unit took place over a two day period. A road map for success and a deep dive into the “AVB-Advantage” was followed by presentations from each unit on taking the group to an even higher level. Exciting news on the state of membership along with outlining new initiatives to return even more member benefit to our members was detailed. This was followed by deep dive presentations from Marketing, Merchandising, Expert Warehouse, Events as well as Communications.

It was a high energy event with spirited discussions, round table strategy sessions, as well as strategic planning and collaboration among the entire leadership team.

CMO, John White and CEO, Jim Ristow

“I could not be more excited about the direction of this group and the leadership team we have assembled. Buckle up! 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for The Group of the Future!” said, Jim Ristow, chief executive officer, AVB Inc.

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