Samsung Donates $240,000 to College Students through American Legion Scholarship Program

Vendor partner Samsung is giving back to war veterans and college students nationwide through its American Legion Scholarship awards. The program awards college students who are direct descendants of U.S. Korean war veterans with up to $10,000 in individual college scholarships. The program originated in as a way to show gratitude for U.S. veterans and their dedication and service to our country.

Samsung granted over $240,000 in 2018 to deserving youth. Ten national scholars received $10,000, 10 runners-up received $5,000 and 74 department finalists received $1,250 for an undergraduate study program.

This program is a great opportunity for war veterans and their family members. It gives students the chance to pursue a college education and it gives their grandparents a chance to share their honorable war experiences with them. The program started in 1996 and continues to change the lives of war veterans and their families. 

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