Hamlin & Kersey Fights Hunger and Gives Back to the Community

The Hamlin & Kersey team in their store excited for the championship Corbin football game!

BrandSource member, Hamlin & Kersey Home Center has truly discovered the power of giving back to their community. Andy Kersey, President of Hamlin & Kersey, and their team have put together a variety of fundraisers and benefits for the at-risk children in their Corbin, Kentucky community.

This past November, the team made a pledge to help families in need with children. For every touchdown their local football team, Corbin High Football, scored at the 3A State Championship game, they would donate $100 to the Corbin Community Backpack Program. Plus they challenged other businesses in the area to match their donations. They were able to donate $300 to the team in early December.

Hamlin & Kersey donating $300 to the Corbin Community Backpack Program.

The Corbin Community Backpack program started in 2005 as a way to ensure at risk children in the community have something to eat after school and over the weekends. Many of these children have little or no food from the time they leave school on Friday until they return the following Monday. The goal of the program is to involve community-minded businesses, churches, civic organizations and individuals together and help to improve the lives of children in need. 23,223 bags were packed in the 2017-2018 school year.

Sharon Owens and Tina Kersey co-owners at Hamlin and Kersey, and the community project organizers, said “We don’t believe hunger should ever be a problem in our community. We do everything we can to help those around us. We are a devoted family of faith and we truly believe it is just the right thing to do for people in need.”

Hamlin & Kersey has been working with their local community for years. This past year, they donated two Maytag freezers to a local church and to a food pantry. The church houses the homeless when the temperature drops below 29 degrees. The freezer gave the church the ability to feed the community members that stop in during this challenging time. Soon after, the freezer at the local food pantry broke down, so they offered a freezer to the nonprofit to make sure they could keep fueling their mission.

As a way to combat hunger, Hamlin & Kersey also put together a blessing box located underneath their store sign. Each day, they fill the box with nonperishable food items and blankets. The goods are picked then up by families in need. They also encourage their customers, and community members, to give what they can to the Blessing Box. Their motto is “give what you can, take what you need.”

The team outside their store with the blessing box they use to help the homeless community in Corbin.

Heading into 2019, Hamlin & Kersey has a goal to become even more involved in their community. They plan to feature one local organization or nonprofit each month. They will highlight the selected group on social media and in their store to bring light to the good work they are doing for the Corbin area.

Kersey said, “Only a small percentage of BrandSource members are involved in social media marketing and it is so important for other dealers to understand how effective community involvement can be. Not only does it truly help people in need, but it also benefits our store. We noticed during the down economy, we continued to grow, along with our sales volume. As a company, the only advertising we do is with Brand Source digital with the help of AVB marketing. We truly believe our involvement in the community has helped us to garner support and has helped us foster relationships we would otherwise not have.”

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