Town Hall Meetings Happening Across the Regions

BrandSource is currently in the midst of 20 unique Town Hall meetings across the country. The Town Hall format, which is unique to BrandSource, is designed to tie our national presence to the magic we find within the voice of our member-owned regional structure. It truly gives a forum for individuals to be heard in a one-on-one intimate setting. These events kicked off throughout the United States on September 25 and will be running through November 20.

Town Halls are local, regionally driven efforts led by BrandSource region managers with the sole purpose of creating member engagement. Each event is about unifying industry clarity and purpose with members discussing topics that directly impact their businesses.

The vision of the Town Hall is to facilitate meetings where a small group of members gathers to share best practices, uncover opportunities, and increase participation within the BrandSource community. This has certainly been achieved, leading to improved performance for all stakeholders. As with everything we do at BrandSource, the intent of this member-owned organization is to listen to all participants and to do what is best for the members and manufacturers alike.

The setup of the Town Hall is typically a presentation from the leadership team of BrandSource, followed by a presentation from a supplier and sponsor of the Town Hall, and finally an open forum for questions and conversations between the members of the region to discuss best business practices.

If you are interested in attending a Town Hall Meeting in your area visit the AVB Events website here and select your region from the Regions drop down menu.

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