We mean it: We’re the buying group of the future

Welcome to the new BrandSource blog! This is where we will fill you in on the newest and best announcements, initiatives and achievements in the BrandSource family.

Why a blog? Well, there’s only so much detail we can give on Twitter, and there is a lot happening in BrandSource right now – and will be for a long time to come. We need plenty of space to do it right.

This is where you’ll find out about interesting things going on in the regions, news on new BrandSource programs and projects, dealer news and announcements and lots more. You’ll be able to find new stuff here regularly, and we’ll also alert you on Twitter and Facebook that we’ve got new posts waiting for you.

And of course, if you have news you’d like to see featured here or that your fellow BrandSource members need to know, let us know! Just leave a comment on a post or get in touch with your RM.

We’re excited to launch this blog, and excited about the possibilities for better communication with you, the members. Because BrandSource is, as you know, all about the members, this blog will be one more tool we can all use to grow, work together, and strengthen our businesses.

Check back often, share your news and, again, welcome!

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